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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Checking off the list...

   Well I went in pleading for answers and answers I received!  Audree is officially not allergic to Dogs, Cats, Dust Mites, Mold, Eggs, Wheat, Dairy, and two other things I can't remember any longer.  So answers yes, but the root of her vibrating such luck.  The allergy/asthma doctor did however recommend I try the nebulizer! HA! No, he meant with a new drug to help any swelling that may be going on in there.  Different approach and yet very much the same.  He said we shall know by the weekend if she does indeed have asthma. If not, we will move from there.
  I also expressed my concerns about her having Cystic Fibrosis. Some dear family friends are dealing with this recent diagnosis in their family. As I began to look into it, I found many similarities when comparing the symptom list to little Miss A.  Foul smelling stool, (even when solely breastfed) bloated belly, wheezing and coughing, reoccurring bronchitis, insatiable appetite, constipation/bowel issues,....yes I became worried.  The main test for this is a sweat chloride test but she doesn't really sweat much so this may be difficult.
  Today after we arrived home from the Allergist, I began reading again. Most pregnant women are tested for this abnormal CF gene during pregnancy. If they (I) had it, Nolan would have had to be tested as well.  The gene must be present in both parents for the possibility of 1 in 4 children to indeed contract active CF.  I went back through some of my prenatal paperwork from Karalee. Indeed, I was tested and do not carry the gene.  PTL! That means no matter what we find out about this persistent rattle in Audree's chest, I can sleep at night knowing it is not CF.
  So yes, some questions answered. Some left to be determined.  With all of this news I had to do something to unwind a little bit. Here are a few pictures from our spur of the moment, 15 minutes of almost decent lighting, photo shoot! =)

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