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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top 10

Well My Guy came home from work at 1:00 today. He finished up his job this morning (he is a Contractor) and didn't have anything else that was ready for him to work on. This doesn't happen often.

I was both super excited and a little bit thrown off by him coming home. Not that I don't LOVE having him here, but we have a daily routine that doesn't quite flow when my "daddy's girls" have their daddy home.

So today I blog about him. He told me I am not supposed to do that as I took his picture for this post. ;) He is the best husband any girl could ask for. My top ten reasons for thinking so?............

10. He provides for us financially.
9. He plays with the girls as if it is his FAVORITE thing to do.
8. He helps me with housework.
7. He brings me flowers.
6. He builds, fixes, cleans things around our house.
5. He is sensitive.
4. He makes a great cup of coffee.
3. He is good with finances and money responsibilities.
2 . He has integrity.
And the number one reason............
He is diligent is studying God's Word, living it out and leading our family in it's truths.

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