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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here goes nothing...

Crazy moments fill my everyday life and I often find myself rushing around trying to keep the juggling act from crashing to the floor. As I go about each day with my two little girls, I cherish the funny comments, the simple yet insightful observations, and the laughter and squeals we share as a family.

I also deeply value my stolen moments of checking in with my computer world, my
"band of mothers" if you will. I would not consider myself a blog junkie, but sometimes looking at a friends musings is just what I need to know we are doing ok.

So, here I go. Adding to the population of bloggers. I am not a great writer like some of my friends who can get me laughing out loud, partaking in tears, or reading the page to my husband. Nonetheless, this is my story. One day at a time.

Here goes nothing...


  1. Yay Jaym! Ooh, do I get to post the first comment?! Woohoo! :)
    I know exactly what you mean about the "band of mothers"...I agree that sometimes it makes the difference...for me, the difference between being able to laugh about our crazy lives, or just break down and cry!
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts, my friend, and keeping up a bit better on your darling pics. :)

  2. Love it Jaym! Thanks! Tell those cuties hi from us (Nolan included :)