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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kitchen Therapy

My dear friend Kayla has always shared a love for cooking. From the early days as newly marrieds we would talk about how great it was to cook in our own kitchens, bake bread from scratch without a machine, and so on. Recently she posted her Great Grandma's Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe on her blog. It is legendary in her family being passed down through generations of women.

Today Nolan had to work even thought it is Saturday.(Blah) I decided to give myself a little "kitchen therapy." There is nothing like turning on some good music and making some good food. It is fun and relaxing. It is not something I have time to do on every normal day of the week. The soup had a new twist of homemade noodles that remind me of dumplings. So yummy and very satisfying to know I took a whole chicken, some veggies and spices and made a masterpiece for dinner. =]



And what is chicken soup without a mascot??? Ha!



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  2. Oh, friend... That soup looks amazing. I just wanna eat those noodles right up. Adorable little pic of Audree--I love it!!

  3. Jayme-
    So glad you enjoyed it! You're noodles looked great-they looked better than mine! haha
    If you want to ever return the favor you can post some of your delish recipes so I can try some out...mmmm enchiladas... :)