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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Crazy Day...

Well today was a little busy but a lot of fun. It started with 8:00 AM calls (on the dot mind you) to the Dr. to get Audree squeezed in for an appointment. This Bronchialitus is driving my bonkers. She has sounded worse the last few days so we needed to get her lungs checked. We had Stephanie and her little ladies over to play after that. It was a little bit of a zoo, but OH SO fun. I snapped this cute pic of Maddison as she stopped to play in the grass on the way to her car.

Then in the middle of all my list of things to do, I noticed that there was really good light coming in our kitchen door. Of course, my new camera just happened to be on the counter. I read an article about "catch lights" (reflections in your subjects eyes) a few days ago and that is what we got. FUN! Oh camera, you are so fun but so to take Nolan lunch then Audree to the Dr.

The last pic is of Audree's sad sweet face as she endures her nebulizer. BLAH! I am sorry sweet girl. After her appointment we headed to the store for some groceries where my car battery proceeded to die. It took an hour and two mechanics, (one on the phone) to help us get it started/home where it died upon entering the garage. My sweet husband just pulled in with my new battery (it is 10:40 PM). After cleaning both posts and such with baking soda and jumping it again, we realized it would not re-start once turned off. Crazy day, but full of fun and blessings. Praise the Lord for flexible nurses, good friends, hard-working husbands, wise doctors, gracious mechanics, money for groceries & car batteries, and...................the good nights sleep I am going to have. =) (gotta have faith!)