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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deda's Cookies

Well as I mentioned in my post before, tomorrow would have been my dad's 57th birthday.  Ironically, he has been coming up in conversations with Karalee all day.  This morning she got into a box with his old Bible study notes. She found a page of beautiful fish stickers and began to place them all over the carpet.  I explained that she may not get into that box again and that those stickers were "Deda's."  Deda is short for Grandfather in Russian. Like Grandpa, if I understand correctly. 

Later on, while we were getting ready to leave she asked where we were going. " To see daddy," I explained.   "Deda?"   No, not my daddy, we are going to see your daddy.  "Oh, because Deda is in Heaven right?"  Too cute....

Then tonight I decided to make some sugar cookies. It had been a crazy busy day and I wanted to spend some time with Karalee in the kitchen.  She loves to play with her playdoh so I thought she might like to use the rolling pin and cookie cutters to make real cookies. She overheard me tell Nolan, "These were my dad's favorite cookies."  Karalee chimed in, "These are Deda's cookies."  =) 

I'd like to think that her little 2 year old brain understands what she is saying.  For now, I am comforted by the fact that we speak often of my dad.  He was a wonderful Godly man and would be so smitten by this little girl who loves to talk about "Deda."


  1. oh, friend... that makes my eyes tear up... that is so sweet that karalee refers to him as her Deda... I know that her Deda would be so proud of the little girl(s) you and Nolan are raising... and praise the Lord one day he will get to love on his little granddaughters in heaven.

  2. Hey girl! It’s neat to come across your blog. Your girls are simply adorable! :)

    We have this loss in common now --- I’m so sorry. It’s heartbreaking to not have our dads here on earth to see our sweet babies grow up. Thank you for showing how you are sharing your amazing dad’s legacy with your kids.

  3. Yes, he passed away 4/30/07. A little over 2 months before my first was born.