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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Being Thankful in November...

As most of you know, Nolan's Dad (Joe) has been staying with us on and off for the last few weeks. Our business has been very blessed and Nolan had two houses scheduled to start on the same day. Joe came down two weeks ago, stayed about 9 days and then went home when the second house was delayed. He came back down on Sunday and will be hear for a 9 day stretch again.  As much as I truly love Joe, things are a little different around here.  One more person to cook for and "take care of." He insists I don't need to, however it is just my nature to "mother" things and people in my home. =) I took this picture last night and realized how truly thankful I am to have him here.  My dear friend Mindy lost her dad on Friday. Having lost my father only two and a half years ago, I find myself missing him often. Especially in November, as he would have turned 57 on this coming Thursday. I am thankful that Nolan has this opportunity to spend time with his dad and add to the countless memories.  This picture captures how alike they are. Their legs crossed the same way. They sit the same, speak the same, giggle at the same things..... This is the man that helped mold my husband into the man I love, and I am thankful!

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