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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Go Tell It On The Mountain.....

Karalee sang in Church this morning!  Last year she just sat there like a deer in headlights. I thought we might have the same performance this year after hearing she has not been singing in class.  Well, sure enough first service was one single look of uncertainty the entire time. However, second service proved to be very entertaining for us.  She came out waving her bell in the air as if she was warming up her arms.  She didn't sing until the end of the first song. Then, much to our amazement, she but her bell down so she could do a few precious motions at the very end. Oh Karalee, you have no idea how you make me smile!

After, we went to see Santa at the Carousel.  Karalee still wanted NOTHING to do with him so we ended up taking a family picture just to get her near the sleigh!

My favorite picture of the day, Audree.
Oh Audree, why do you charm me so!??

This is the first time Karalee actually road the carousel. She has always feared the horses. She even smiled!