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Thursday, May 13, 2010

HIS Image Photography

I set up a blog for the purpose of displaying my new hobby. Come visit if you'd like. =)

So....No, I am not a "photographer" so to speak. The Lord has blessed me with a nice husband who bought me a nice camera, not too long ago. I had hoped and prayed for one for years. With this gift, I intend to BLESS THE LORD and others. I have a lot to learn but I love to "play". This blog is set up to feature my friend's little babes... whenever I get a chance to enjoy this hobby. As for the name.......1.) these beautiful bundles have been CREATED BY GOD in HIS IMAGE. 2.) In 1 Samuel, Hannah prayed for a son. When the Lord answered her petition, she dedicated Samuel back to the Lord for His service. That is my prayer too. My camera is dedicated back to the Lord for His service. That said, every image I capture is HIS IMAGE. Take a look if you'd like!


  1. So fun! Want to do ours? I still haven't sent out baby announcements! I really don't know how you're supposed to find time to do that, write in the baby book, etc. AND take care of baby!

  2. Amy, I would LOVE to take some pics of Callie! Let me know when a good time would be! =)