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Monday, May 10, 2010


Seriously! I tried to take some pictures of Audree for her 1st birthday invitation.  This is getting to be quite the event with Little Audree. She is pretty busy and doesn't stay put for very long these days...I managed to get a few cute shots. Wouldn't you know it, my very first picture snapped was my favorite. I guess we could have called it a day and saved a lot of silliness. Oi!  Tuck in the shirt, fix the bow, fluff the skirt, position, supply candy (smarties) run, focus camera, make a ridiculous spectacle trying to produce a smile, click click click, back to the top....=)  Fun times! I enlisted Nolan to help at the end..hehehe. Let's just say, the entire production was a bit overwhelming for him ;)
In case you were wondering about my make-shift studio....=) Just paper and the deck!


  1. these are so cute Jayme!!! You amaze me! So creative!! Love the birthday outfit :)

  2. I love the "secret" reveal of white paper at the end. I wouldn't have guessed!!!