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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Man Hair

This may be boring to some, but the purpose of this post is not to entertain, but to help me remember...

We had a monumental occasion at our house last night....Karalee had her first hair cut. She was born with precious chocolate curls which turned into adorable golden curls over time. With all of that pretty hair came tears and struggles to tame that mane! Nolan has been wanting to cut it for a long time now and last night, after a 25 minutes combing fest, I agreed. Karalee didn't want even the slightest trim. She said that only men cut their hair, and she didn't want "man hair."

Nolan is a genius and thought of a wonderful treat to reward this daring leap of faith...He would buy her the DVD Tangled. They went on a date to see this Rapunzel movie in the theatres and it now has a special meaning to them both. This pushed her over the edge and she said we could make one cut. ;)  I cut the first several curls before she noticed. She then bent down and picked up a curl with a gasp..... She became very sentimental, tearing up, and asked how we were going to put in back on. This only lasted for a minute or so and then she embraced the idea of shorter hair.  After we were finished she twirled and giggled. I'm pretty sure that every girl likes a make-over.

Nana and Mimi, no worries....Her hair is still beautiful and curly. A ringlet formed instantly as it dried. She does look a little older, but part of that is due to the fact that she is as tall as some first graders. Not much we can do about that!


  1. Good job...I get teary eyed just thinking about cutting Sapphira's hair. When wet it goes down to the top of her diaper...I'm thinking it may happen sooner than later. I'll lean on you for support! :)

  2. Oh sad! But I guess it needed to be done and it'll grow back. But, oh sad.

  3. We just did Grace's a few weeks ago for the first time. I saved a few curls:)