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Friday, March 18, 2011

Well Hello!

Wow, it has been quite a long time since I have posted an update. Our life has been changing and developing so much over the last few months. I decided that a new post would not only keep you all updated, but it will help me remember this crazy busy time, later on. So, here are a few of the happenings in our life right now.

Nolan is still leading the college group at our church. We are having a blast serving in this way, and daily feel a confirmation that we are right where the Lord wants us. Nolan would love to move into full-time ministry at some point, but for now he continues to run his residential construction business.

Karalee is growing like a weed. She really enjoys praying with Audree lately. When we listen at their bedroom door, it sounds something like this.
Karalee: Thank you for the rain.
Audree: AMEN!
Karalee: Thank you for the sun.
Audree: AMEN!
Karalee: Thank you for the trees.
Audree: AMEN!
You get the picture...We recently enrolled her for 4's preschool, next year. She is ecstatic about the idea and wants to make sure and bring a pen. =) She has really enjoyed writing her name lately so I thought I would share a few pics...

Audree is a pistol, she is always on the go. She has a sweet heart and loves to come up and randomly kiss us. At 18 months old, she decided she was ready to be a big girl and use the toilet like Karalee. I was not as ready as she was so I humored her, but didn't really start any training. Well two months later, here we are. We started consistent training on Monday and she is doing great. She is pretty much trained, but it will take several weeks of "practice" before I will really relax.

The baby continues to grow and is doing great thus far. Everything seems to be going along as expected. This pregnancy feels different in many ways, and the baby is sitting much further back than the girls did. We find out the baby's gender in just a little more than a week. (3/28) We can't wait to find out what this precious little one will be.

I will post ultra sound pics when they come....

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