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Friday, September 17, 2010

Ready or not....

Fall is upon us! I have been in denial, sounding quite a bit like many of the summer-cravers around this part of the country. We left for Ecuador in late August, full of the summery warm weather in our hearts. Ecuador did not let us down in the weather department either. We had a bit of warm, tropical rains but they were more refreshing than gloomy. Somewhere between leaving Quito and landing in Portland, the Fall switch was flipped.  I have dug in my heels and clung to my summer idea for a couple of weeks now but who am I kidding? School has started, rain is falling and the crisp Autumn air greets me every morning. Don't get me wrong. I love Fall. It may just be my favorite time of the year. I love all things Autumn like scarves, colorful leaves, spiced baking, and the "chai tea weather." So even though on some level my internal calendar says there must be a few weeks of summer left, I will embrace what surrounds me.

Yesterday I made some caramel apple muffins, (soon to be on my cooking blog) and today I snapped a few final pictures of the girls playing on the deck. We don't get much use of the back yard during the rainy months, so these may be it for a while. Just to go along with our seasonal theme, it started to rain as we played. The girls giggled and tried to eat the rain drops and I said to myself, ready or comes the rain!
Karalee wanted us to take a picture like "mom and dad do" =) girl on the move. She is a busy bee.

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  1. sooo cute Jaym! Let's get together soon, friend. I started a new blog. Love ya. :)