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Friday, April 30, 2010

My Dad...

Disclaimer....he loved the Beatles....not their theology ;) just their music!
Can't believe it has already been three years since he passed away...Where did the time go? So many memories flood my mind today as I remember him. Thought I would share a few pictures...(surprised?) The first picture was of our family (pre-Andrea and kids) at Disneyland in the Summer of '03.  Nolan and I were engaged and this was taken about a month before my dad starting showing signs of being sick.
My dad was an amazing coach. He lead several teams to State Championship tournaments in baseball and football. I kept the book for him/his baseball team in High School. Those guys sure did respect him.

Him and I after a summer league basketball practice. He was always willing to take us to a practice, game etc. He loved watching his kids play sports.
(on the left) He never did give up rolling his pants like that....HAHA!
He grew up in a Military family and had fun stories of growing up all over the place including Scotland.
A few fond memories...
He enjoyed a frosted mug with his root beer
He was giddy the day he bought his '63 &1/2 Ford Galaxy
He loved to whistle while listening to the Beatles
He had a book for every report we head due at school....if he could only find it...
He kept EVERYTHING...and could win any argument when you thought you needed new shoes(his were impossibly old....)
I remember him wearing scrunched tube socks with his old white tennis shoes...
He often stood on his tip toes when posing for a picture with my mom
He loved photography and was really talented with it
He Loved the Lord.
He raised his family to stand on the Word of God and live by it.
"Read you Bible."
"Go to Church"
 "Be Good!"
Love you dad! Miss you...


  1. Oh man. Thank you for this.

    What a good dad. I love the pictures.

    Five years this August for me. I just lately have been hit with several reminders of my dad and it's sure hard. Both our dads took their last breath doing what they LOVE... serving others and working to build His kingdom. Can't beat that. :)

    Take care, friend.

  2. I never met your dad, but everyone I speak with who had always says wonderful things about him. Thinking of your family today as you remember. Love you!