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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A few cute things...

Today I plugged in the glue gun to fix a bow of Karalee's. Before I knew it, I was making new bows.  I was playing with my scrapbooking ribbons and made the girls coordinating ribbons to match their ADORABLE Easter dresses. (Dress pics to come...) Here they are. Not identical, but cute.
Speaking of cute things, Nolan and I watched our nephews the other night. One of them put a costume on and then all three kids NEEDED to dress up! So fun to watch cousins playing...


  1. Those bows are adorable! Great job!

  2. So cute Jayme. I love the action shot. By any chance are these Holly's boys? She and I are both on the leadership team for MOPS. I thought the boys looked familiar then remembered that your maiden name was Potloff, and Potloff is about as common a name as Mogford.

  3. Yes Ashley!! =) Holly is married to my brother, Pete. What a small world. Your baby girl is adorable. Audree was born May 26th. They are very close in age, how fun!